Central Brooklyn is the lucky recipient of the re-launch of Pathmark. The first Pathmark to reopen is the 47,000 square foot site at 1525 Albany Ave at the corner of Farragut Road in Brooklyn. This had been a Pathmark store for many years. Shoppers will enjoy low grocery prices, friendly faces, plenty of parking, and community ties that made the company great. Construction began at the store on January 2nd, 2019 and reopened in the spring of 2019.

A group of people that used to work at Pathmark began working for another supermarket buying group called Allegiance Retail Services. It was there that plans were formed to purchase the brand and Pathmark name and re-launch the iconic company.

The store on Albany Ave features value, competitive, low grocery prices, a fully remodeled store, and a large parking lot. The store has the exact look and feel from the iconic Pathmark brand that shoppers will remember years ago. Some of the store improvements include:

  • An extremely large fresh fruit and vegetable department
  • A fresh bakery
  • A wide variety of fresh and frozen meat.
  • A large fresh seafood department
  • An extensive variety of health and beauty care products
  • An extensive variety of Caribbean and ethnic food.
  • A large beer and soda department